Team Lakeland Leisure Takes on Trek26: Join Us in Supporting Alzheimer's Research

Posted: 22nd April 2024

This June, our very own Kath Furness, HR & Accounts Administrator; Mel Lucas, Management Accountant; and Mark Morgan, Managing Director, are gearing up to tackle the challenging Lake District Trek26.

Their mission is to raise awareness and vital funds for Alzheimer's Society, a cause that resonates deeply with many of us here at Lakeland Leisure Estates.

Why Alzheimer's Society?

Alzheimers society

Alzheimer's and dementia affect millions worldwide, robbing individuals of their memories and independence.

It's a cause that touches many lives and families, including our own Lakeland Leisure Estates community.

By supporting Alzheimer's Society, we aim to contribute to vital research and support services that can make a significant difference in the lives of those affected by this devastating disease.

The Challenge Ahead

Michael hutchinson L5 N3 Yuag Wk unsplash

The Trek26 Lake District event is no small feat.

It involves a 26 mile walk around the picturesque but challenging terrain around Ullswater on Saturday 1st June.

It's a day of physical endurance and mental strength. But for Kath, Mel, and Mark, the motivation to support Alzheimer's research and help those affected by the disease far outweighs the physical challenge.

How You Can Help

The team have set a fundraising target of £1000, and we need your support to reach it.

Every donation, big or small, makes a difference.

You can help us by donating online to our fundraising page. Your contributions will go directly to Alzheimer's Society, helping to fund essential research and support services.

Donate Now!

Don't miss out on this opportunity to make a difference. Click here to donate and support our team in their 26 mile challenge.

Remember, your support not only helps in the fight against Alzheimer's and dementia, but also motivates our team as they prepare for this demanding trek.

Join us in supporting Kath, Mel and Mark as they take on the challenge for this critical cause. Your encouragement and contributions will fuel their journey every step of the way towards the finish line.

Donate Here

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